July 4 - 6

Military Outpost

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The Freedom Vehicles Military Outpost is a fun interactive educational display for all ages. Freedom Vehicles Association in conjunction with local living history groups, military historians and enthusiasts, showcase over 50 military vehicles and over 20 thousand artifacts ranging from 1900-2018. The display is primarily focused on WWI, WWII, Korean War Conflict, Vietnam War, The Cold War, and Operation Desert Storm/Gulf War. Through participating in the activities that are available you will be able to learn about how our freedoms have been protected, and the sacrifice that accompanies them.
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-Boot Camp: Participants will be able to Learn how to march in formation, toss a grenade, lay landmines, and “shoot” with prop wooden guns. They will then be able to use these skills to participate in a staged skirmish on a battlefield.

-Machine Gun: Graduates of Boot camp will be able to shoot a Simulated .50 Cal Machine Gun (This is a safe activity with constant supervision)

-Pictures: Additionally graduates will be able to get family and graduation class pictures.

-Dog Tags: Veterans, Boot Camp Graduates, and participants will be taught about the importance of Dog Tags and be able to receive their own custom made Dog Tag made on a WWII Dog Tag Machine.

-Air Cannon: Boot camp cadets will be able to shoot an Air Cannon: Participants will be able to shoot candy and t-shirts out of a cannon that resembles WWII artillery.

-Equipment Tours: The tours will be for all visitors and will consist of learning about all the vehicles displayed, all field equipment and gear, and weapons. These tours will be in varying stages depending on how in depth the visitor wish to learn. Tours will be guided and taught by well-educated representatives and members of Freedom Vehicles Association.



Military Outpost Timeline

Monday, July 2nd: All events will be open to the public.

Tuesday, July 3rd: All events will be open to the public.

Wednesday, July 4th: Last day of display, all events will be open to the public all day.






If you or someone you know would like to become a part of Freedom Vehicles Association and help implement these and other events please contact Vernon Stout vstout@freedomvehicles.org 801-427-7445

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