November 14

Art Contest

  • November 14
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Visual images can reflect the values we hold dear. The art contest is an opportunity for students from K to 12 grade to create and complete a work that can have a positive influence on others. It is intended to help students cherish the freedoms they hold dear. The theme this year is, "FREEDOM." Entry deadline is November 14, 2016.
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Contest Guidelines

Theme: Freedom
Eligibility:  Open to all students K-12
Media: Painting, drawing, mixed media, photography, sculpture
Submission Deadline:  November 14, 2016

Submit your entry form online here and email original artwork to:

All entries must be the student’s original work.  No one else is allowed to alter it in any way.

Works must be submitted as a digital image in JPG format only. PowerPoint format is not accepted. The image should be no smaller than 300 dpi.

No personal or identifying information may appear on the artwork itself, so NO names, grades, teachers’ names or school names on the art.

Divisions:  K-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10-12

How-to Submit

Click here to register for the Art Contest.

Once you have registered compose an email with the title of you work as the subject and attach a JPG image of your art work. Send the email to:

Awards and Prizes

Cash prizes will be based on judging criteria.

Grade 10-12: Win up to $500.00
Grade 7-9: Win up to $200.00
Grade 4-6: Win up to $100.00
Grade K-3: Win up to $75.00
Win up to $50.00 in painting, drawing, mixed media, photography, and sculpture
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Previous Entries
Old Glory

Old Glory – Michael Chantry , 6th grade, Bonneville Elementary, Orem Utah, Teacher Mrs. Knight

Enduring Freedom – Alyssa Novak, 6th grade, Jordan Hills Elementary, West Jordan, Utah, Teacher Mrs. Haegran

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