April 26

Hope of America School Spirit Contest

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Hope Of America School Spirit Contest
Win up to $500.00 and an opportunity to participate in America's Freedom Festival's 4th of July parade and a pizza party for your school participants in Hope of America! The Hope of America School Spirit Contest recognizes schools with the highest percentage of participation in the Hope of America program provided by America's Freedom Festival. This award pays special tribute to the school’s efforts to endear patriotism. The winning school will be invited to participate in the Fourth of July parade to represent the Hope of America! Student participation in the Freedom Festival educational contests will be a consideration as winners are selected. Entry deadline for School Spirit contest is April 26. To participate in the 2021 Hope of America event, or to use the material in your own school, please contact: sherry@freedomfestival.org
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Hope of America School Spirit Contest Procedures
  1. The Freedom Festival Hope of America School Spirit Contest is open to ALL Schools participating in the Hope of America at the Marriott Center whether in traditional public schools, public chartered schools, private schools, or home schools.
  2. All entries must be received no later than April 26.
  3. All submitted entries must include a completed Contest Entry.  Winners will be notified by email when judging is completed.

Judging Criteria

  1. Percentage of total student’s participation from your school in the Hope of America.
  2. Implementation of curriculum in teaching this year’s theme. The depth of insight in teaching, outside resources or other innovative efforts used to instill patriotism will also be considered.
  3. Percentage of children submitting essays, and artwork to the Freedom Festival contests pertaining to this year’s theme.

Entry deadline is April 26.

How to Submit

Click here to complete entry form and submit entry

Additional Material

Educational Event’s Poster: Educational Events Poster 2023


Submission deadline – April 26

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