April 6

Essay Contest

  • April 6
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Each year the Freedom Festival Essay Contest gives rise to expressions of patriotism from students in K-12th grades throughout the nation. This year students are asked to write about the 2018-19 theme based on this quote from the 1st Amendment, "Congress shall make no law . . . abridging the freedom . . . of speech or of the press.” Entry deadline is April 6, 2019.
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Essay Contest Procedures
  1. The Freedom Festival Essay Contest is open to ALL Students in grades K-12, whether in traditional public schools, public chartered schools, private schools, or home schools.
  2. All entries must be received no later than March 16, 2019.
  3. All submitted essays must include a completed Contest Entry.  No personal or identifying information may appear on the essay itself.  (No names, grades, teachers’ names or school names on the essays.)
  4. Winners will be notified by email when judging is completed.  Original essays will not be returned.

Judging Criteria

Entries are judged on a student’s exposition of the theme, depth of insight, writing skill and sincerity of tone.  Suggested essay length is two pages (typing is optional).  A submitted essay must be the student’s own work.

How to Submit

Click here to complete entry form and submit essay.

Download The Educational Events Poster

Click here to download: 2018-19 Educational Events Poster

Awards & Prizes
Grade 10-12: Win up to $500.00
Grade 7-9: Win up to $200.00
Grade 4-6: Win up to $100.00
Grade K-3: Win up to $75.00

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