We need volunteers!
We are always in need of more volunteers to help at each of our events, particularly at the Baby Contest, Colonial Days, Freedom Days, the Freedom Run, the Grand Parade and Milestones of Freedom.
Grand Parade
Date July 4, 2016
Volunteer to help at the Freedom Festival Grand Parade!
Freedom Run
Date July 4, 2016
We need a lot of volunteers for this event, please sign up!
Cries of Freedom
Date June 29, 2016
The Cries of Freedom needs a lot of help from June 29- July 5. Please sign up!
Balloon Fest
Date June 1, 2016
We need volunteer July 1,2 and 4. Please volunteer!
Military Outpost
Date June 30, 2016
The Military Outpost needs help from June 20- July 4. Please sign up!
Riverwoods Beach Party
Date June 18, 2016
Volunteer to help at the Riverwoods Beach Party!

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