July 2
6:30 pm

Freedom Awards Gala

July 2
6:30 pm

Utah Valley Convention Center


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Focusing on the blessing we call freedom
The freedom Awards Gala is an event set aside to honor individuals who have been willing to defend the freedoms we enjoy, making the ultimate sacrifice if required, as well as those who are willing to do whatever is necessary to secure their own access to this precious gift we so often take for granted. The 2014 Freedom Award recipients include those who make their stand to protect our freedom in faraway lands and in our homes and neighborhoods. Also selected this year are two who, even at a young age, understood that achieving freedom of the soul and freedom from fear are worth the risk of imprisonment. These four join an impressive list of previous recipients who have each demonstrated a unique contribution to the cause of the freedoms guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution and the cherished American values of God, family, freedom, and country. Meet the recipients below.
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William J. Coultrup
Retired Army Colonel, Commander of Joint Special Operations Task Force

He was an eyewitness to the capture of Saddam Hussein and recovery of US troops during the Battle at Mogadishu.

Tito A. Momen
Subject of the book, “My Name Used to be Muhammud”

He was born in Nigeria, raised in the Muslim faith and spent fifteen years in prison for converting to Christianity

Cory B. Wride
Sergeant at Utah County Sheriff’s Department

He was an exemplary member of the ‘thin blue line’, killed in the line of duty on January 30, 2014.

Joseph Kim

Fled North Korea alone at age sixteen after his father died of starvation, his mother disappeared, and his sister did not return after leaving him to look for money and food in China.

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  • Tickets will be $50/person and may be ordered starting Monday, June 1.
  • Seating is open (no table assignments).
  • Reservations are required.  Tickets will not be available at the door.
  • Orders may be placed by phone (801-818-1776) or by going to the Festival office (4626 N. 300 W., Suite 300, Provo).  No online ordering is available.
  • There will be a $5.00 fee per order for tickets that are mailed out.
  • Deadline for ordering tickets is Tuesday, June 24 @ 5:00 p.m.
  • Payment by cash or check preferred.  Credit cards also accepted.
  • Requests to meet special dietary needs must be made at the time of ticket purchase.
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