July 1 - 4
9:00 am - 7:00 pm

Cries of Freedom

  • July 1 - 4
  • 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • SCERA Park

    675 S State St Orem


  • Free
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Old-Fashioned 4th of July Celebration!!!
Celebrate July 4th by honoring the military this year. Come see Col. Gail Halvorsen the “Candy Bomber.” Listen to him speak of his incredible journey and meet him as he mingles with the crowd. Tour the Freedom Vehicles military outpost with vehicles and equipment spanning WWI to the present. Enjoy Cries of Freedom, The Musical, in its 9th season, and watch an authentic swearing in ceremony of real immigrants.
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Cries of Freedom Activities

Get a punch card and participate in ten or more of the listed activities for a FREE GIFT at our Freedom store! Activities include:

  • Candy cannon
  • Simulated machine gun firing
  • Grenade toss
  • Milestones of Freedom, immigrant simulation
  • Citizenship test
  • Oath of Citizenship
  • Historical personality presentations
  • Compass / Orienteering course
  • Trajectory Calculation / T-shirt cannon
  • Morris Code machine
  • Military radio / Phonetic alphabet
  • Military stenciling
  • Military skirmish
  • Cries of Freedom, The Musical
  • Authentic immigrant swearing in ceremony
  • Marching drills
  • Donate any military equipment, uniform item, paraphernalia or memorabilia at our donation center
  • Military Camo Face Painting

Feel your patriotism swell as Cries of Freedom and Freedom Vehicles Association honor veterans through the American Legion, VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars), and Sons of the American Revolution. Enjoy FREE entertainment such as live Big Band and Bluegrass music, Cloggers America, “Cries of Freedom, The Musical,” and dramatic speeches. See military weapons, uniforms and equipment and learn from military experts. Touch, and explore over 5000 artifacts used every day by soldiers such as shovels, ammo boxes, first aid kits, grenades, uniforms and more! Come and sit in a vehicle, shoot a machine gun, and fire a cannon. Communicate with a soldier using a vintage Morse code transmitter. Listen to military stories about daring missions and heroic deeds! Watch the nationally acclaimed ROTC drill groups spin rifles at death defying distances. Spend a full day in the park with plenty of FREE fun and exciting activities! Bring a picnic or enjoy the many low cost food options throughout the park.

Cries of Freedom, The Musical

FREE admission! Our ninth season of  “Cries of Freedom” will be as exciting as ever!  Through song and dance this event tells the story of freedom-seeking people from the late 1400′s, with Joan of Arc, to our day.  It is a thrilling dramatization of people from all countries willing to die for that which they hold dearest, their FREEDOM!  Not only will you hear Joan of Arc’s cry, but you will experience the cries of the Dutch in the 1500’s, the Scrooby separatists and pilgrims of the 1600’s and the colonists in the 1700’s. The show will depict the great moment we became a nation as well as many other historical moments. Once again we are privileged to honor the military at the end of every show.

Schedule of events

Cries of Freedom and Freedom Vehicles Military Outpost is open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

2016 Event Schedule for the Cries of Freedom Stage

Friday, July 1

9:00 American Legion
10:00 Cries of Freedom Musical
11:30 Naturalization Ceremony
12:30 Mississippi Mud Band
3:30 Mississippi Mud Band
6:00 Cries of Freedom Musical

Saturday, July 2

9:00 American Legion
10:00 Cries of Freedom Musical
12:00 Mississippi Mud Band
2:00 Cries of Freedom Musical
4:00 Bluegrass Band and cloggers
6:00 Cries of Freedom Musical

Sunday, July 3

8:00 p.m. FREE Heritage Fireside in SCERA Shell.

Celebrate Independence Day featuring the Founding Fathers debating points on religious freedom,

historian/storyteller Gary Sumner, live patriotic music and a message from World War II “Candy Bomber” Gail Halvorsen

 Monday, July 4

9:00 American Legion
10:00 Cries of Freedom Musical
11:30 Bluegrass Band and cloggers
2:00 Cries of Freedom Musical
3:30  Bluegrass Band and cloggers
6:00 Cries of Freedom Musical

Swearing in Ceremony of Immigrants by the Department of Homeland Security:

July 1 at 11:30 am   Come and hear Col. Halvorsen and diplomats speak at this special ceremony.

There will be additional parking at Orem High with shuttle services to the Park.


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